Friday, May 25, 2012

Dare to Dream

We have studs! No not the fun kind :P This shortly after busting through old sheetrock that had cured to the consistency of concrete. Don't let those home improvement shows fool you, it will not come down in a clean sheet!

In my pursuit of becoming a writer and the excuses that quickly followed, I decided what I REALLY needed was a dedicated space in which I could sequester myself and retreat into a world of my own creation. Mostly, it was a way to delay having to actually write. Now that it has finally started to take shape and I'm on pins and needles waiting for its completion.

When I first started this little room could have been part of the show "Hoarders." Piles of stuff accumulated over the years had found there way out into this tiny corner room in my garage. I kid you not to say if the door had not opened toward the outside, I would never had been able to open it at all. I literally looked into a mass of items as high as my shoulders (okay, I am only 5'4 but still).

It took me the better part of the next few months to sort through that mass of mess and I did find quite a few treasures among things that should have gone straight into the trash. I found catalogs from the 80s and a couple of picture from then too (anyone remember tall bangs and poodle perms *shudders*), needless to say, somethings are best left in the past.

I was so proud when I first laid eyes on that first little patch of concrete. I think that really spurred me on and kept me going. After I had managed to clear it completely out, I  tore down the impromptu bookcases that were attached to all four walls. Now don't get me wrong, I think bookcases are essential, but these took up so much room there wasn't enough room for anything else. I mean the room is barely 7ft by 8ft, so I am not kidding when I say it is more of a writing knook than anything, but it is away from the furbabies and a space that will be dedicated to writing and writing alone.

I do believe that one lesson I learned after losing my job last year was that when you decide to rely making your hobby a job, you must treat it as such. I seriously messed up by not scheduling actual writing hours and having a designated space which to do it in. Being one who is easily distracted, I have to be very diligent about keeping myself on schedule. I have to time myself when accessing social media or I tend to find myself sucked into the vacuumous void of the internet where time speeds by faster than one can blink.

So here I sit, counting down the days until I can reveal my writer's cave to the masses. I hope that it is everything that I envision it to be. I have been dreaming of it for so long now I'm not sure if that it will ever be real, but one can certainly hope.

Coming Soon 

I have planned to do a serial story here on this blog starting next week. It's a little paranormal story I've been toying with, so I am hoping y'all will enjoy it.


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