Monday, May 28, 2012

Coming Soon ~ Camdyn's Curse

I've decided to try something new (well new for me) and write a story exclusiveness on this blog. Each Friday I will post a chapter and hopefully (fingers crossed) at the end I will have a full and complete story and you will have enjoyed the creative process.

Friday, July 13th the debut chapter of Camdyn's Curse will be up and ready for viewing.

Art student Camdyn Barrett thought she was doing her dad a favor by using her summer break to clear out her grandmother's cabin so it could be sold. Little did she know she would be opening a door to a secret from her childhood long since forgotten.
Fifteen years ago, eight children in the small rural town of Axson went into the woods for an adventure, only one came back. Camdyn was only seven when she and her friends followed a mysterious light deep into the woods surrounding Avalon. Several days later, she stumbled onto the local road, catatonic and covered in blood. No trace of the children was ever found.
Camdyn’s biological father fell under suspicion and when he was found hanging in the woods, the local law deemed it a suicide, even though it clearly was a lynching. Fearing further retribution her mother packed them up, left the town of Axson and the horrific memories behind them. That was until Cam’s dad received notice that her grandmother had passed on. She hadn’t realized she had any surviving family. So when her stepfather said they could sell it to pay for a year at the Sorbonne, she jumped at it.  
Now she is faced with a past she can’t remember and a town full of hushed whispers of witchcraft and a curse that bears her name. Her only friend and ally is a young firefighter, who always seems to be there to rescue her. Can Camdyn solve the mystery from her past before she becomes the next victim of Camdyn’s curse?

Remember: Camdyn's Curse starts on July 13th so I hope you'll save the date and stop by each Friday for each chapter. 

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