Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Cares?

I had every intention of writing a piece on the illusion or myth of fairness, but as I sat down and began to write this piece, it suddenly hit me...Who cares? In this world of minutia, we post pieces about anything that strikes us as important, but do we really care any more? I'm just as guilty (if not a little more). I rant and bellyache about whatever slight I feel I've incurred, dwell on it and spew out whatever spin I give on the situation. Often, after some time has passed, I can see the situation more objectively, can pick out the information I need to grow and discard the rest. Before Facebook, Twitter, and email, we had time to cool off, to gather our thoughts and sort out what we needed to say before confronted someone or something. Now, everything is instantaneous and for those of us with impulse issues and a...um...fiery personality, it can be a volatile rollercoaster ride.

I know life is not fair for in order for one person to win another must lose. I know that sometimes a person is successful for nothing more than being at the right time at the right place. Luck, fate and perseverance can be as important (if not more) as education, training and connections. People can rant "why do bad books sell?" or "why does that (fill in the blank) get a raise and I don't?" The simple answer is because they do. What right do we have to judge what is good or bad, who's deserving or not. Writing is an art and as such, success is judged primarily on what sells. In the end, hype can be more valuable than proper grammar or structure. It doesn't mean you shouldn't care about such things, it just means that you have to write for you and if you happen to tap into the vein of popular commerce then you should consider yourself blessed.

Everyone has their dark days filled with doubt. Fear shadows and doubt haunts us all. I guess you just have to get to a point where you say "F*CK EM", maybe I can't write (or paint, sing, dance...whatever) but I enjoy it and so what if I never get to be the next (fill in the blank), but that's okay because I am better at just being me. (Okay that was my Jack Handey moment). So, here I go, being me. I have gotten back to writing and will have this wip "Just Say Yes" finished by Sunday (yes, you can hold me to this) and ready to send off for a good round of edits with a professional. Ultimate goal is to have it submitted to the publisher before December. Then I will go back and pick another unfinished project and complete it (rinse/repeat).

I might suck, but at least I will no longer be digging myself any deeper into this rut I've fallen into. I've chosen my path and picked a direction. There will be thorns and hazards along the way and tons of bunnies to distract me, but I'm moving forward and however long it takes, I'm going to get there...eventually.


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Virginia E said...

Interesting that you posted this now. I just came off jury duty. Didn't make the jury, but that's beside the point.

What is the point is that we're all entitled to an opinion. The problem is when we stick to an opinion that ignores the facts or we blame others to excuse our own issues.

I care that you're frustrated and discouraged, but the outcome depends on your response. Good Luck Margie!