Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life After NaNo

     Well, the fury has finally come to an end. I completed NaNo a few days ago. ***Throws confetti and blows horn*** Now what? I still haven't finished my story. I am nowhere close to being able to call it a wrap. 

     A lot of it has to do with the way I write. I bounce from scene to scene in no particular order. It helps prevent me from getting bored. I have a loose rough outline to keep the characters from completely taking over, but for the most part, I let them run free.

     Some people complain about the time of year that NaNo takes place. I know the holidays are a tough time for most, but if you look at it in another way it just makes sense.

     This is the last part of the year. By having NaNo in November those that finish have a sense of accomplishment. The one year they managed to do an inconceivable amount of writing in an impossible span of time. Second, the stupor you often feel after completing it is akin to the state you feel after a good holiday meal. My third and final point is that you can put your manuscript away without too much guilt since you need to get ready for Christmas. After the hoopla of the holidays you will be able to look at your manuscript with fresh eyes and be able to polish it til it shines.

     I am in that numb creative stage. I can’t seem to do much of any real writing. My muse Tallulah tempts me with vivid scenes. The more I resist the more she shows me. Maybe if I ignore her long enough she will break down and do the writing for me. LOL. (Note : Tallulah says: Pffffffbt! and then gave me the finger.)  Oh well, a gal can dream.

     So now, I have six, count them, six projects that are in the wings, seven if you count my NaNo piece. Ah, the dangers we encounter after we open the floodgates.  Story ideas have never been a problem for me (Tallulah curtseys). My bane shall always be in the follow through and as much as I would love to blame Tallulah, I know the fault is all mine. For now, I will kick back and relax a bit until the urge to write becomes overwhelming.
     I want to thank all my friends who put up with my whining and complaining. I really don’t deserve to have such a supportive groups as y’all and y’all don’t deserve to have to listen to me b*tching all the time. I love y’all more than I can ever express.
     Happy Holidays to all! 


Margie Church said...

You did not whine and complain. I did. And your muse is named Tallulah? don't write comedy? Glad you finished your NaNo project and I can't wait for all these books to come out.


Marguerite Lafayette said...

LOL, you din't complain and more than the rest of us. I do use a lot of humor (albeit dark) in my stories :)

I can't wait for these stories to be finished.

Glad to have you back :*